Wednesday, 6 January 2016

4 Ways to make money online

   But keep in mind you have to attract visitors. If you achieve this you can make money.

    1.  Now how a website can make money

                   It’s not necessary that you have to be technical for this you just need is website. If you have your website live on internet than we have to just make it compatible for search engine or that can attract visitors.

  •           E commerce:

                   Website which is in trend now people think that they just have their website which have a cash on delivery option an online payment option a cart option and when buyer have their formalities done we have to just deliver products and done sounds simple but not that much easy.

                        An e-commerce site has a lot to do with like you have your warehouses to store your products, a delivery system like EKart for FlipKart you have to invest money to store your products before start selling them. So a big infrastructure is required to start a e-commerce company as a startup it’s a big investment.

  •       Google Adsense:

                        For startup I suggest you will try this to earn money. Success with Adsense is based on how you can make your targeted visitors to visit your site. For this the thing you need is just a website with good traffic you to apply for this visit Google Adsense. Once you will fulfill the requirements of Google and get ads you will earn money. This is not an easy task this will consume your time and needs a lot of hard work to be done than only you will get potential visitors.

    2.         Content writing:
                        This is also a good option to opt, as it is in trend and everyone is now looking for a good and unique content even search engines also. It’s a type of freelancing work. You have to frame sentences with no error and no grammatical mistakes because Google avoid grammatical mistakes and copy paste content. So the thing is that u has to write a content which is not a copy paste.

     3.        Article Writing:

                       Article writing is going to pay you as there is immense demand of   blog posts always . Now you have to just find which site is going to pay you more.

Some tips to write a good article:
  • Article is what you give information about anything with which people are not aware of.
  • Now, you have to decide your topic. Keep in mind that you are aware of that topic or simply we can say that you know everything about what you are saying in your article.
  • It should be unique.Do not copy paste it from other sites you can check this form Plagiarism Checker.
  • Be careful your article does not have spelling mistakes to check visit Spell Checker .
  • First sentence of a paragraph always reveal your theme.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes if it is than it will confuse reader about our article you can check this from Grammar Checker.
          There is  list of article submission sites.

      4.       Want to make money as a freelance blogger:
                        But let me differentiate before we start, the difference between Content marketer, guest blogger and freelance blogger. 
  • Freelance blogger is paid for writing blog post for his/her client.
           List of Freelance Website to Find Jobs
  • Content marketer writes content for   website to generate traffic on website. This can be done in many ways you just need is that while writing keep in your mind what attract users most and why should they read your content.
  • Guest blogger writes blogs to publish on another website to get backlink from that site which is helpful in SEO. For this they will be paid with a good amount.

           List of some Blogging sites

Saturday, 2 January 2016

How to rank your Website in Search engines ?

Ans, is make your website like what search engine wants. Now, how we make our website compatible to search engines? Ans is SEO( Search Engine Optimization) It is of two types

  •  Off page seo
  •  On page seo.

Off page
seo have link building work, which makes your link easy to find by the algorithms used by different search engines. Be careful do not use softwares to do this it will make your link negative by different search engines.Link building can be of many types like directory submission, bookmarking, profile building,classified sites submission blog comments etc.

On page seo is what we have to change in our website code to make it suitable for search engine to detect it. It have lots of work to do.

  • Content Writing 
  • Keyword research 
  • Day to Day updates

 Content writing is very essential part of on page seo but why ?
Ans is search engine always search for fresh content so if your content is fresh  their is more chance that the crawler will find it. It contains the theme of a website or keywords  of that page to check wheather the content is unique or not visit .

Keywords is an important part of seo it is what the user think and type on search engine for their searches. Now a days long tail keywords is in trend because user wants filtered result so they use more words to filter their result.

Day to Day updates it makes your site fresh which is easily detectable by the crawler

 Statistics or comparison of on page and off page seo on google trend is given below:

For more details